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Are clients information kept confidential?

At Doheney Services LTD, we make outsourcing easy and safe. We ensure security, privacy and confidentiality at every step of the process because we know the importance of your confidential information.

Do we offer affordable Outsourcing Services outside Nigeria

Yes, we do! When you outsource to Doheney Services LTD, you're assured of big cost savings and improved service quality. The cost of our services is designed to work with your budget. Outsource to us now and make your life easier. Contact Us Email:

What is DSL Services all about?

Doheney Services is a leading Human Resources consulting firm offering a cost-effective and practical approach to improving business performance through people. We are poised to help grow your business by offering a range of services to help scale up business operations.

What is Remote Internship?

Remote internships are a valuable way to obtain meaningful work experience from anywhere in the world! With individuals seeking more workplace flexibility, remote internships allow you to choose from the pool of the best talents with no restrictions. At Doheney Services LTD, we work with a pool of talent and experienced remote interns that cater to your company’s needs. To learn more, visit,

I would like to learn more about remote work with Doheney Services

For more information, kindly visit for more information.

Where do I check for Jobs at Doheney Services

You can check the doheney services job site. You can also check google jobs.